Adult Day Care Facilities

Adult Day Care Facilities

Adult day care centers can be found in almost city due to the rising population of seniors in the United States. Adult Day Care facilities help seniors and their caregivers by providing a day service for seniors that includes social activities, support services, and assistance. Care centers often provide a safe atmosphere for seniors that includes just the right amount of care. Most adult day care facilities offer services designed to fit the individual needs of each senior.

Adult day care or senior day care facilities offers

Most adult day care facilities offer social services, meals, activities, exercise, and senior transportation. Other supportive services include social interaction with other seniors, integration in to the senior community, and senior help services. Some seniors in adult day care facilities are physically, mentally, or functionally impaired. Other seniors may need assistance during the day, companionship, or alternative supervision throughout the day.

There are many activities offered to help stimulate socialization between seniors in the Adult Day Care center. The activities may include mentally or physically stimulating activities such as: trivia question games, crossword puzzles, word games, memory games, exercising, dancing, karaoke, or movies.

Adult Day Care is mostly funded by participant fees, city agencies, and charitable sources. Many seniors enjoy the social interaction that senior adult day care facilities offer. The seniors caregiver may also feel that this respite service is extremely helpful to them.

Adult Day Care: What Does it Cost?

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